01 May 2012

“I’m a Ladbroke Grover, born and bred,” says Pat Arcadipane with the pride of someone that clearly has a deep affection for where they live. And it’s easy to see why; after a lifetime in the area, including 34 years in her current home at Wornington Green, Pat is very much a fixture of a community that has retained its decidedly friendly feel. It is a community where Pat clearly feels comfortable and, after raising a family in the area, knows a lot of people of all ages. “It’s a nice neighbourhood,” she says, adding, “when I’m out and about I always bump into someone I know, and the young lads make sure they give me a hand back home with my shopping.” No doubt they remember the delicious food she used to cook for her children and their friends when they were growing up. But despite being one of Wornington Green’s best-known faces, Pat found herself increasingly isolated. Caring for her disabled husband […]




16 March 2012

Last month’s Spotlight focused on key employees at our new contractor, Ardmore, who highlighted some of the training and employment initiatives that they would be putting in place at Wornington Green. This month, we speak to Jalen Scarlett, a local resident who has been working as a labourer on-site with Ardmore since January. Jalen got his first taste for a career in construction through an introductory course run by P2P. At the time, he was too young to gain a qualification but it provided the motivation to go and study Construction Level 1 at Kensington and Chelsea College (KCC). With P2P’s help, Jalen has now secured employment with Ardmore and is hoping to be taken on as an apprentice later this year. Despite having undertaken some formal training at both KCC and the College of North West London (CNWL), Jalen is a big fan of on-the-job learning. “I was never very good at sitting in a classroom and learning” he says “but this provides […]




03 February 2012

Ardmore Construction Director Following the appointment of our construction partner for Phase 1, Spotlight talks to Ardmore representatives, Alan Edgar and Eilish Kwai, both of whom will play a hands-on role on the delivery of the Wornington Green regeneration project. When we spoke to Alan, he was keen to stress the ways in which Ardmore is different from many of its competitors. “Unlike so many other contractors, we do not sub-contract large parts of our projects. We handle as much of it as possible internally so that we keep tight control over budget and timescales,” he says. Strict control over its supply chain is another factor that improves performance on projects and with its own sources of materials (metalwork, joinery, fittings), Ardmore reduces the risk of hold-ups due to delayed deliveries. A central storage unit in Enfield also allows Ardmore to schedule weekly deliveries, thereby reducing the amount of trips […]




20 December 2011

This month’s Spotlight focuses on Danella McGillivary who has been a resident of Wornington Green since 1981 and is fiercely proud of her community. Having been a resident of Thompson, Paul and, most recently, Pepler House, Danella has only good things to say about her neighbours and friends. “A lot of people take for granted the good things about this community. It’s always easy to moan about what’s not right, but there’s a lot to be proud of around here,” she says. “For example, it’s a very safe neighbourhood and even as a woman on my own, I feel safe walking around here at night.” She is equally positive about the young people in the neighbourhood. “Most of the young people around here are polite and have got respect,” she says. With a 19 year old son living at home, she has got used to having a house full of teenagers, all […]




20 November 2011

This month’s Spotlight falls on Keith Stirling, one of Wornington Green’s longest-standing residents and active charity campaigner. Having lived in the area since 1963, Keith feels very much part of the fabric of the local community and feels very driven to get involved and serve the community he is so proud of. Having seen many changes during his time in Wornington Green, he feels it is more important than ever to play an active part in the local community. “There has always been a tight community around here, although things have inevitably changed over the years”, he says. “In years gone by there were more focal points for the community – the local pub, the corner shop and the market – places where everyone would see one another. Although there is still a strong community spirit here, the focal points just aren’t the same.” Because of this, older residents are […]


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